1039718_10204152027613769_5600236554164920954_oInvite Flames of Bodhihchitta to your town, school or gathering to pass the message of Tibet.

Hosting a screening of Flames of Bodhichitta will reach more people about the message of Tibet and will help not only awarness for the subject but for the nation itself. Self immolations have been spreading through the country like wild fire. Almost everyday was a day with a new life stolen from Tibet. Many in the world don’t understand why. The Chinese Communist party taught the Tibetan people that there cannot be two suns in the same sky, it either has to be The Chinese Communist party or Tibetan Buddhism. The film’s message will leave a question of morality on audiences worldwide, and inspire conversation and debate.

We welcome your inquiries and would be glad to consider bringing the film to your area. Please contact if you are interested.


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